SABAQ’s education apps for students have helped improve their learning outcomes. Our apps are now making a difference in more than 1,000 schools across Pakistan. This makes us one of the most successful impact-oriented organisations in Pakistan.


Improvement in Learning Outcomes

Our impact has been evaluated through multiple studies. One such study has been a treatment-control group study carried out by Coffey international, U.K. After a thorough evaluation of SABAQ’s impact, the results showed 3 times and 2.5 times improvement in learning outcomes in Math and Urdu respectively among children using SABAQ in comparison with children in the control group.

Language Scores

Without SABAQ


Math Scores

Without SABAQ


●  Scoring at Grade-level  Scoring below Grade-level

Improvement in Grade-level Performance

Likewise, a comparative analysis of 948 G-1 students conducted by NRSP at PEF schools showed that 89% of students who were previously low-scorers are now performing at grade-level.

  • Without SABAQ
  • With SABAQ


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