Every so often we come across children in our Centres who are born learners. They absorb information the way a dry sponge soaks up water: quickly and with unprecedented ease. Our story today is about one such child, Farhan.

Farhan’s parents have lived their entire lives in a district called Tando Allahyar in Sindh. Surrounded by a loving community, they’ve never felt the need to move out. Until Farhan came into the picture. The severe lack of schools in the area, coupled with the distance to the nearest school, was always a reason of worry for them. But then, a SABAQ Centre opened up, and it seemed like they didn’t have to worry about their son’s education anymore.

Farhan loves his Centre. He feels at home with his Tablet and class-fellows. Like we’ve mentioned, he has a natural knack for learning. He loves it all, except one aspect: the classes end too soon. He wants more – more classes, more practice time, more books to read, but at the end of the day, more to learn.

What’s more is that Farhan’s Facilitator, Ms. Amber, realises that the surface of Farhan’s potential has barely been scratched. When she’s busy coaching other students, Ms. Amber proudly asks Farhan to help students who might need extra attention, to encourage peer-to-peer learning. “He’s always willing to help his friends at the Centre. I won’t be surprised if he ends up becoming a teacher, himself.” Farhan’s wide smile at his teacher’s praise is a sight to behold.

Every day, our efforts to educate children bring rewards that we could never have predicted. Farhan’s newfound happiness at reading materials is only a part of what makes this project so special to us. Your donation, too, makes us realise that as a community, we truly want the best for each other and everyone. That we, as a community, thrive on building each other up.

Thank you. No donation amount is too small, no support is too little. Thank you, from all of us at SABAQ, and all the kids at our Centres. Your help means the world to us.