We’ve been at the digital flipbook game for quite a while so we thought we’d mix it up a bit by creating a gamebook which acts as interactive flipbook that primarily aims to increase student engagement. Students can explore more aspects of a scenario by having the freedom to choose elements leading to a more interactive learning experience and the autonomy to fully explore all the possibilities that are available to them.

After being in development for 2 months, we give you Desert Adventure, which is designed to teach students of grades 3 to 4 all about the desert through its focal character Rudy, a silly and lovable camel with a penchant for hats. They can explore through the desert to discover fun facts while getting creative while doing so with Rudy.

Each element was coded, with detailed illustrations to explain different science concepts regarding the desert making it a truly collaborative effort between the Academic, Production and Tech teams.

Desert Adventure is currently available to download here. Let us