If you still haven’t signed up for Patari’s Haftanama, you’re truly missing out. Patari is perhaps Pakistan’s most well-known (and largest) music streaming service and the local answer to the hugely popular Spotify and Soundcloud, housing over 20,000 songs by 600 Pakistani artists.

In the mood for something particular? Chances are, you will find it on Patari. Patari is home to impressive compilations from dholki songs, to your favorite milli naghmein. There’s even a compilation for kids, so we thought to ourselves, ‘Hmm, we make songs as a creative route to achieving learning objectives and we love catching people absentmindedly humming our songs. So, why not feature them on Patari and have more kids learn through our songs?’

Well here we are, with a SABAQ favorite, ‘Do Chashmi Hai’, on Patari that is as big of a hit at the Patari offices as it was at SABAQ HQ when it first came out. Go check out the compilation Kids Songs for SABAQ’s greatest hits released every Thursday and let us know what you think!