This post was written by Fahmina Arshad, who is currently a Senior Content Specialist at SABAQ

My journey with SABAQ started in 2015 as an Academic Resource. Little did I know how wonderful this would be as I think about it nearly two years later.

I have spent over 20 years in education working with different schools in various capacities. I was fairly certain that SABAQ would also be something very similar to my previous experiences. But SABAQ is something that still manages to surprise me sometimes. I give credit to its founders that allowed me to really stretch my imagination while changing the way I thought about our nation’s younger generations.

I started out with writing out lesson and corresponding lesson plans for children in kindergarten and grade 1. I was comfortable as it was something that I had had a lot of experience in. But slowly it wasn’t just lessons I was developing, as I delved into writing more complex stories and poems while also composing songs, working with an actual composer! Not only did I discover a lot of my writing ability, but also discovered that I had a knack for voice acting as I put on voices for the characters that I created.I couldn’t imagine the response I would get from children on all that I was creating. Nothing could make me happier than knowing and seeing how much my work was enjoyed!

Along with flexing my creative muscle, I was also able to grow as a trainer. Sure, I had had experience with training teachers before but my experience as a trainer with SABAQ was so different. I was now training teachers in remote areas teaching in environments different from the ones I had taught in.

My experiences, before and with SABAQ, have allowed me to become a more secure and informed educator, confident in my ability to make an actual change in the classrooms that SABAQ is present in. I have also over this course really developed my strengths as a creative writer, something that I had always wanted to explore.

For me, SABAQ is such a wonderful place where we really get to experience our imagination coming to life. Where we see the characters we create on paper to seeing them animated across our screen and entertaining and teaching kids that lack access to quality learning resources. For all that, I am truly proud to be a part of SABAQ.