A little competition and a chance to show off our skills is a combination always welcomed at SABAQ. And that’s exactly what we did at SABAQ Kay Funkaar. The production team was set with the challenge of representing SABAQ in either illustrated or animated form and given a week to come up with whatever they chose, alongside their regular workload.

Let’s not ever groan about our workload ever again because what our production team manage to pull off in a week is amazing with 4 entries submitted in the animation category and 6 in the illustrated. Each submission was explained, from Komal’s mythical take on SABAQ stories to Ghufran’s interesting take on SABAQ as a learning adventure.

In the end, it was Azeem who won in the animation category with a game preview of SABAQ Mania, SABAQ’s take on Mario Cart. Ashraf wowed us all as he took first place with his incredibly detailed poster if SABAQ were to ever come up with a big screen production.

Our entries have put all sorts of ideas in our heads, a game or a movie – We here at SABAQ can dream